What People Says


The best dentist I have ever been to. The dentist is very kind and thorough with his explanations. All of the staff are caring, friendly, postive and professional. So, highly recommend.

- Preethy L

This is my 4th visit in 3 years. Great service and plesant staff. On time and cost effective. I recomend Swiss Dental Care as a top dental health service provider.

- Sony G

I would say that my experience with Swiss Dental Care was deserving of the complete 5 stars. Dr. Siby is a thorough professional who explains the procedures to you in detail. I have had several bad experiences with dentists in Kochi operating simply to churn out every last penny from you. However, that wasn’t the case here and Dr. Siby advices you to undertake procedures that most necessary.

Adithya Kumar

We have been availing the services of Swiss Dental care since 2004.Patient friendly approach & excellent treatment.Thank you Dr.Siby & team.Best wishes always.

Sreenivas Pillai

Swiss Dental Care is a very well run Dental Clinic. Dr.Siby is very knowledgeable and he will does a good job of explaining the procedure that he proposes to do for his patient. He and his staff are so polite and so concerned about the patients that are under their care. A very approachable doctor. Very happy with the Clinic.

Cynthia parayil

I was lucky enough to visit swiss dental care and the dentist explained to me in detail before carrying out any work. I am so happy with the end result of my treatment. I would highly recommend this clinic to all my family members and friends for all their dental needs.

Rachael Ann

My family and I, always consult with Dr. Siby. He is an experienced doctor who helps us immediately. I am very impressed with his dealings. Keep it up!

Valsamma Thomas

Well experienced team of doctors. Personalised attention .Less waiting time. I am regular and satisfied customer of swiss dental care

Abhilash Ambadi